Standard of Life

“I wanted him to know that he could walk away from his livelihood and I would never once make him regret it. He was more than his work.”

“Prayer is not flight, prayer is power. Prayer does not deliver a man from some terrible situation; prayer enables a man to face and to master the situation.” –William Barclay

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Yesterday I returned to where I used to live, and today I’ve started going through my old things and organizing my things from both homes. Though I’ve only gone through my clothes so far and am currently taking an organizing break to do laundry, I am overwhelmed and partially disgusted by how much stuff I have. Yes there are things that I’m glad I kept and I am looking forward to wearing again, but then there are things there that I no longer want to fit into again, things that are worn out, not my colour, too short, too tight, or just too much; things that, since I hope to never wear them again, I am putting in the give-away box. 

Why is it so easy to accumulate? How do I go around thinking I need so much stuff when really I could easily survive, and thrive, with just a fraction of what I have? When did it become so natural to think “I need that”?