Planning rest

Today is a day off for me, and in browsing through random blogs, I happened upon this blog post. My mom’s been talking to me lately about the importance of planning in times and spaces for resting and catching my breath. After my last year of shift work and then an amazing, but intense summer, my brain has a hard time understanding that it’s ok to slow down; it’s ok to not be constantly doing. I appreciate what this blog says about the need to be doing: “It was about an obsession with ‘doing’.  It was about finding it hard to say ‘no’. About workaholism and insecurities and lack of self-control.  And lack of self. Having a lot on the calendar had a way of making me feel important and needed.” And also I appreciate what it says about rest: “the calm, empty spaces marked off, both to be the buffer, and to provide the stored-up reserves to face the challenges with more serenity.”

And in reading a bit more on this lady’s blog, I also was reminded of the importance of balancing rest and work in this post. ” But I find I can’t have one without the other.  I won’t release into my time of renewal with any joy unless I have given my all to the work.  And I can’t give my all to the work, and it would soon become a joyless experience, without the release of renewal.”


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