Tips for Thinking Great Thoughts

Taken directly from Chip Ingram’s Good to Great in God’s Eyes.

-memorize and meditate on Scripture: This isn’t an ‘ought to’ that will make you feel incredibly guilty if you don’t. It should be a ‘want to’ that you can have fun with. Write down some verses on index cards, stick them in your pocket, and read them over whenever you have a little down time waiting in line or between meetings. Take a look at them before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning–make them the first and the last thing you put in your mind each day.

-use your drive time: Do you really need to hear the latest sports talk or meaningless music? Listen to tapes of the Bible, or let your mind enjoy some silence while you ponder deep truths.

-listen to great music. There’s a connection between music and our emotions that I don’t really understand, but the scriptural basis for making music is undeniable. The command to sing occurs surprisingly often, and David’s music was able to soothe Saul’s restless spirit. Refreshing and uplifting music can set the course your mind will follow.

-take walks in nature: Go somewhere beautiful, even if it’s in your own backyard. Wherever you live, you can find some aspect of nature to enjoy as you contemplate the marvels of creation.

-personalize scriptural truth and promises: Write down some passages that address your specific issues, even writing your name in place of whatever pronouns the passage muses. Make it personal and applicable to your individual struggles and needs. I’ve got some of these on cards that I’ve carried with me for years. 


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