Thoughts on music in church

Thoughts on music in church

“My problems with singing in worship are slightly different than Don’s. For years, it seemed to me that when I entered the worship gathering, the music would start, and then, like magic, I was supposed to feel something, something good. …It reminds me of sitting around a camp-fire signing kum-bay-yah. It feels like souped up sentimentality. It’s not real. So I feel manipulated.”


“Singing then is not about learning… It is about submitting my mind, body and soul corporately with my friends to return praise, thanksgiving for that which we have just seen, heard and received at the Table and from the pulpit. It transforms the soul by reorienting the soul. It is a wholistic response to God. Sometimes of course this response can be with a lament when it makes sense (say in Lent). But it always ends with thanksgiving.”


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