I’m sorry that …

I’m sorry that we don’t always make the signs easy to spot. I promise we’re not trying to do it out of spite. Sometimes it’s out of a compulsion born from a chemical imbalance, or from anxiety that can only be put to rest in the most final of ways.

We hide the signs behind smiles and lies, and hope that no one sees the pain behind our eyes.

We hide our pain not because we don’t need help, but because the thought of hurting others with our pain is more than we can bear.

That burden can incapacitate, overwhelm and forever destroy us.

This was taken from http://kieranmoolchan.com/2014/01/28/hi-sorry-to-burden-you-but-im-thinking-about-killing-myself/ . It just describes the feeling a lot better than I have been able to put into words. 


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